Here are three mistakes that today’s home sellers should not be making.

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Most home sellers understand that they’re in a seller’s market right now. However, this can lead to false confidence and costly mistakes. Here are three mistakes that I see sellers making in this market that you need to avoid at all costs:


1. Not knowing how to market their property. Homeowners not understanding how to present offers and market their properties can be a huge problem, especially when cash offers are involved. If a seller doesn't fully understand the delicacy of negotiating finances and cash offers, it could end up costing them all of the offers.


2. Not getting their home show-ready. When I work with home sellers, I like to get their homes sales-cleaned and have their lawns prepped for showings. This is different from your typical cleaning. A sales cleaning is a deep clean and declutter that gets your home in tip-top shape. I highly recommend putting fresh mulch in and getting rid of dead plants to dramatically increase your curb appeal.


3. Hiring an inexperienced agent. New agents simply don’t have the necessary skills to get you the best deal in this market. This could be a very costly mistake of tens of thousands of dollars. If you're selling your property and want top dollar, you should really hire a person with a lot of experience in marketing and listing homes in your area.


If you have any questions for me about selling your home, other mistakes to avoid, or anything else related to real estate, don’t hesitate to reach out via phone or email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.