Three things I recommend that you look past when buying property

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Trying to buy a home can be confusing, and there’s a lot to focus on. That’s why I have created a list of the top three things that buyers should look past when buying a home in this market: 


1. The appliances. Yes, the kitchen appliances could be old and they might need to be replaced. However, the supply chain problems that we've had over the last eight months are now starting to loosen up, and the prices are coming down. Plus, Black Friday is coming up! All of this means more affordability. Therefore, if you're looking to buy a house right now, you should be thinking in advance and know that you're going to be able to save some money on brand-new appliances in the next couple of months.


"Prices are starting to come down a little bit as the sellers' motivations begin to increase."

2. The mechanics and lighting.
Some homes do need new air conditioners, or they might have some outdated lighting. However, the government just passed a tax credit to help offset some of the costs associated with improving the energy efficiency of your home. Therefore, the government will help you by giving you tax credits to upgrade and update your property. 

3. The price.
I know you're going to think I'm crazy for this one because the price is a huge deal when you're buying. I really do want you to look past it because the prices are starting to come down a little bit as the sellers' motivations begin to increase. What I would encourage buyers to do is look at houses that they like, make an offer, and then negotiate the price to try to either get some closing costs down or buy your rate down.


Take these three things into consideration during your home search and go to our website to start looking at all the new homes that are listed. As always, let us know if you have any questions; we would be glad to help you. Call or email anytime. 

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