Five things you should check if you’re looking to buy a waterfront home.


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Today I want to talk about buying waterfront property and homes that have access to the water. There’s a lot to think about if you’re looking to purchase one of these houses, so I want to share the top five things you need to consider:


1. The water depth. If you have a boat, you need to consider the water depth behind the property. This is especially important during low tide because the water depth can drop significantly with the tide. You need to see how much water your boat would draw, and keep that in mind.


2. The condition of the seawall. If enough water gets behind that seawall, it can become unstable, and fixing it can be expensive. You want to check out the seawall and make sure it’s structurally sound.


"Deciding whether to buy a waterfront home is not an easy decision. "


3. The dock space. Look for rotten boards, see if the dock has been redone recently, and check if there’s a lift. The dock also needs to be able to accommodate your boat.


4. The flood zones. Learn whether the property is in a flood zone or not. If it is, you could have thousands of dollars in damages every year. Find out if the seller has an elevation survey or certificate, and check their current flood insurance.


5. A home inspection. You need to get a general home inspection that looks at the whole property, not just the seawall and dock. You need to know about the plumbing, roof, HVAC system, and everything else that could be an issue before you finalize the contract.


There's a lot going on when you purchase a waterfront property. It’s not an easy decision, so you should work with someone who knows waterfront properties and the current market. I fit the bill and am ready to help. Give me a call at (772) 370-8631 if you’re looking for waterfront property along the coast.